We were absolutely delighted to be one of the 100 UK charities to receive a £100k donation as part of the Barclays Community Aid Fund.

The COVID-19 Community Aid Package from Barclays is a £50 million fund dedicated to charities working to support vulnerable people impacted by COVID-19 to help them alleviate the associated social and economic hardship caused by the crisis.

This significant donation has allowed us to transform the level of strategic support that we have been able to provide for those in our local community with the greatest need. Thanks to this donation, we have been able to boost our support towards major health food provision for children, families living in temporary local authority accommodation and vulnerable people of all ages who have been in need of regular food supplies and essential household items throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Graham Moran, our CEO has commented that: “Nottingham Forest Community Trust were delighted to receive the investment of £100,000 from the Barclays 100×100 UK COVID -19 community relief fund. The donation has allowed us to focus resources and services where they were needed most and played a vital role in support of the amazing private, statutory and third sector response to the Covid-19 emergency across Nottingham.”

Some of the ways in which the donation has impacted our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic has been by allowing us to provide:

· 72 hours of outdoor covid safe football sessions;
· 480 hours of primary school activities for schools with key workers attending;
· 99 hours of Tricky to Talk mental well-being workshops;
· 140,000 items of essential PPE equipment delivered to City medical centres;
· 256 hours of community support provision including, 150 Forest Forces veterans phone calls and door step visits;
· 840 hours of Post 16 Education classes; and
· £20,000 investment in major food and activity provision over the Christmas period in the city.

We would like to thank Barclays again for this generous donation. Keep your eyes out to see the other ways in which this donation is helping us to support our local communities.