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2023-26 Strategic Plan

Nottingham Forest Community Trust has launched its strategic plan for 2023-2026, outlining its values, vision, mission, purpose, and strategic objectives for the next three years. This follows its ‘Supporting those who need us campaign’ that was launched earlier this month. The plan details how the organisation plans to build upon its existing successes to provide even greater support to the community in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust Strategic Plan


The Trust has been delivering community engagement programs for 30 years and was launched in 2010 to deliver significant positive impact for the benefit of local people. As the charitable arm of Nottingham Forest Football Club, the Trust plays a strategic role in supporting people and organisations through strong partnerships with the private, public, and third sectors.

The strategic plan emphasises the importance of collaboration with local and national organisations to achieve the Trust’s goals. The organisation is committed to building upon existing partnerships while forging new ones to support the local community beyond football.

The plan outlines the Trust’s values, which are:

Accessible, Committed, Progressive


The vision for the Trust is to have a positive impact in its communities by providing support for those who need them, while the mission is to deliver support for the people, organisations and communities who need them.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust has identified three clear and strategic priorities that it will focus on in order to deliver its progressive objectives. These priorities have been informed using local insight and data, as well as their own extensive experience with community engagement over the past three decades.

The three priorities have been identified as improving local people’s health and wellbeing, increasing opportunities for access to high-quality education and training that lead to sustainable employment, and increasing the reach of the Trust’s community engagement programs. The organisation aims to create excellence in each of these areas and build upon its existing foundations.

Supporting those who need us


“We are thrilled to launch our strategic plan for the next three years,” said Calum Osborne, Chief Executive Officer of Nottingham Forest Community Trust. “Our organisation has been supporting the local community for decades, and we are committed to continuing and building upon that work. We look forward to working with our partners and the community to achieve our goals and make a positive impact in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.”

Calum continued, “This strategic plan is the result of months of hard work and planning to ensure that we get it right. We have consulted extensively with our board of trustees, stakeholders, partners, and local communities to understand their needs and ensure that our objectives are accurate and relevant.”

View the Strategic Plan below, or download it here.

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