As a veteran, John Bowers has been attending our Forest Forces programme since its early stages and has developed a great relationship with all of the Nottingham Forest Community Trust staff. John has always expressed his gratitude to the programme explaining just what it means to be given the opportunities we’ve given him as well as introducing him to new friends.

Our ‘Forest Forces’ programme is designed to support local Veterans to lead a more healthy and connected life. We aim to tackle social isolation by providing a variety of regular activities and events that brings veterans together from different backgrounds and armed forces constituents. From coffee mornings, comedy nights and day trips, we work with our veterans to come up with different initiatives that everyone will enjoy.

Since lockdown started, we’ve had to change how we deliver our programmes, including our support for veterans and older participants. We teamed up with the EFL Trust to do just that; The Tackling Loneliness Together programme allows us to continue to support our elderly participants and fans across the community during these difficult times.

We’ve been doing whatever we can to help those like John throughout the pandemic, keeping them engaged with virtual games, activities and workout sessions, socially distanced events when possible and providing regular communication and home visits.

During our recent home visit to John he got quite emotional when talking to us…

If you’d like to find out more about our Tackling Loneliness Programme or know someone that might like our support please get in touch –