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Nottingham Forest Community Trust

Nottingham Forest have delivered community engagement programmes for 30 years. In 2010 Nottingham Forest Community Trust was launched for the purpose of delivering significant positive impact for the benefit of local people.

The charitable arm of Nottingham Forest Football Club, the Trust plays a strategic role across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire supporting people and organisations to the best of our ability through strong Private, Public and Third sector partnerships.

We do whatever we can to support our local community, this goes way beyond football, however we are proud of the achievements of Nottingham Forest Football Club, and the role that it has played in its communities since 1865.

We now want to do much more and continue supporting those who need us.

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Nottingham Forest Community Trust supports our local communities to the best of our ability, providing support for those who need it most, whenever they need it and wherever that might be.

Our strategic priorities

In order to deliver on our progressive objectives, our organisation is going to focus on delivering against three clear and easy to understand strategic priorities.

These are the areas that we believe can deliver the highest volume of – and most critical – support in the community across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. These strategic priorities have been informed using local insight and data along with our own knowledge and experience of community engagement over the past 30 years.

Health & Wellbeing

Physical and mental wellbeing sits at the heart of everything we do – forming a core part of the Trust’s long-term purpose and delivery strategy.

We’re proud of our comprehensive range of community programmes which encourage both physical and mental stimulation, motivating and supporting communities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to the best of our ability.

As a team, we remain focused on promoting and developing our programmes so that we can support people to live healthily and improve their quality of life.

Education, Training & Employment

By providing comprehensive training, education, and employment opportunities since our formation, we have continued to steer individuals and participants from all of our communities towards a world of new and exciting opportunities.

From developing their skills to building their confidence, we ensure that people within our communities have the best chance at fulfilling their potential.

Thanks to this culture, we continue to contribute to individual success stories, as well as a thriving local economy.

Community Engagement

As a Trust, we continually strive to be a core part of our community – where people trust and recognise the impact we deliver.

This includes providing ongoing community support through a number of channels in order to deliver and promote community cohesion and strength.

By working closely with our valued partners, we’re able to adopt a dynamic approach that builds strong, resilient communities and encourages public participation in underpinning our core values of celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion.

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