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Academy and Community Trust Spread Festive Joy

In the spirit of spreading festive cheer and embodying the true essence of community engagement, Nottingham Forest Academy has joined forces with the Community Trust for a heart-warming initiative this December. This collaborative effort, which brings together pupils from the Trust’s Premier League Inspires programme and the Academy’s players, exemplifies the powerful synergy of sports, community, and compassion.

Nottingham Forest Academy Care home visit


As part of their ‘giving back’ initiative, students from the Premier League Inspires programme and Academy players dedicated valuable time from their busy schedules to visit residents in care homes in Newark and Bramcote. The primary goal was to establish meaningful connections between the younger generation, aspiring football talents, and the elderly residents.

The joint visit unfolded as an inspiring example of intergenerational interaction. Pupils and players engaged in heartfelt conversations with care home residents, exchanging stories and experiences. The warmth of these exchanges not only highlighted the unifying power of football in building community bonds but also underscored the shared human experiences that connect us all.

Nottingham Forest Academy Care home visit


As residents sipped on cups of tea, a sense of camaraderie filled the air. The young visitors listened intently as care home residents shared their stories, creating a bridge between generations. In a delightful turn of events, some residents even shared football tips with the players, creating a unique blend of wisdom and youthful enthusiasm.

This initiative aligns with the Social Action initiative for Premier League Inspires, contributing to the Premier League’s broader Inside Matters campaign. The students at the school chose to support the local community by addressing issues of loneliness and connecting with the elderly. The chosen themes for “Inside Matters” – ‘staying connected’ and ‘creating conversations’ – reflect the genuine efforts of the students in building meaningful relationships.

Nottingham Forest Academy Care home visit


Equally, the joint visit to the care home serves as a testament to Nottingham Forest Academy’s commitment to holistic development, not just for its players but for the community at large. Beyond honing their skills on the pitch, young talents are learning the profound importance of empathy, social responsibility, and the lasting impact they can have as role models.

In the season of giving and by collaborating with community initiatives, Nottingham Forest Academy and the Community Trust have demonstrated the remarkable impact that sports, compassion, and community engagement can have on individuals across generations.

Nottingham Forest Academy Care home visit


U18 midfielder, Danny Anjisko, said, “I really enjoyed the care home visit it made me really relaxed talking to Pat about everything and how life will treat me further on and how to overcome stuff moments.”

Tom Mallinson, U18 Lead Coach said “The experience the players took out from the care home visit was invaluable to their development at young men who represent our Football Club. They interacted with the carers and the residents which took them out of their comfort zone socially, but they took real care and effort in their conversation to get to know them on a personal level.”

Tom continued, “The players really enjoyed the experience despite feeling apprehensive before the visit.  We all should be so proud of the five players who attended.”

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