In light of anti-bullying week our coaches have been working with pupils in our Premier League Primary Stars sessions to offer support and provide guidance. We wanted to concentrate the intervention work around groups of pupils who were perhaps lacking self confidence and belief, we wanted to change that and create a session to help them inside and outside of the classroom.

Over the course of the term they have focused the sessions around problem solving and team building exercises with every activity needing every member of the team to play there part in order to complete their task. Bringing pupils together who might not necessarily engage with one another outside of the activity. The sessions are designed in a way that teach the pupils it’s important to share their thoughts and although we might not always find the right answer straight away with enough self belief and confidence you can find a way.

It’s been great to see members of this group flourish and we know with the support they are getting from their class teachers as well as the session we do, they will continue to grow in and out of the classroom.

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