Bohemia FC was formed in 1992, it started out as a few friends playing football together every week. Initially the team played 6-aside twice a week until eventually members started dropping out due to age and various injuries. The team found that the number of opponents they had was also decreasing, so eventually one of the founders sons came along with his friends and they started to join in every week. The team then turned into a mixed age group of players varying in age from early 20’s to late 50’s. Bohemia FC continue to play at The Forest Recreation Ground up until this day, and are now based at The Forest Sports Zone. They have said that they¬†really appreciate the facilities, and playing on the 3G pitch has enabled them to continue playing as it is a lot safer due to the softer ground, which means there is less risk of injuries.

“The facilities at The Forest Sports Zone have allowed us to keep on playing. It is a central point for people to meet, its easy to pay and the pitches are brilliant.”

Ross and John who have been at the club for many years now, say that there is a real social aspect behind Bohemia FC, explaining that the main focus is to have fun with mates more than anything else. They welcome anyone to come and join in for a kick about which has led them to meet many different people from all walks of life. One Japanese gentleman who got involved with Bohemia FC ended up enjoying the club and the people so much that he invited some of the players to go and visit him in Japan. They went for 11 days, having fun and watching football. This has happened on a number of occasions now, most recently with a trip to Spain where some of the Bohemia FC team actually played some games over there.

The club has continued to grow due to the introduction of new players of all ages and the use of social media. Ross and John are confident it will continue this way using The Forest Sports Zone as its hub. Our facilities give people the freedom to use it as they wish. Whether its just a kick about with your mates, official club training sessions, competitions and so on.

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