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Premier League


Now in its sixth year, Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS), a Premier League-funded programme, is designed to use the power of football to engage pupils in primary schools across the country.

One of our many pupils engaging in this initiative is Liam, who has improved massively since he started working with our PLPS coach Kamen two years ago.


When Kamen first engaged with Liam, his struggle to regulate emotions manifested in disruptive behaviour and a lack of respect in the classroom. This behaviour not only affected Liam’s academic performance but also created a challenging environment for his peers and teachers.

Kamen centred his coaching efforts on enhancing emotional intelligence and self-regulation in Liam. Through thoughtfully crafted activities and guidance, Kamen equipped Liam with strategies to effectively handle his emotions. Across the span of two years, Liam’s path towards self-awareness and individual development became apparent as he began reflecting on his errors.

Liam elaborated on Kamen’s assistance by expressing, “Over the past two years of working together, Kamen has helped me regulate my emotions. He used my favourite sport to motivate me to behave on a regular basis and Kamen has made me understand what I have done right and wrong and showed me how to move forward properly instead of getting frustrated straight away. Also, Kamen has helped with patience throughout my time.”

As Liam progressed through the programme, positive changes became apparent. He not only began showing respect to his teachers and peers but also demonstrated a newfound resilience in facing academic and personal challenges. The transformative power of sports and mentorship played a crucial role in reshaping Liam’s attitudes and behaviours.

Liam’s teachers have also commented on Liam’s improvements since Kamen has been involved with one saying, Liam’s notable progress in emotional regulation, task completion, and communication is evident. His respectful interactions, enhanced emotional expression, and growing self-confidence reflect remarkable growth. As a leader, he cultivates teamwork without being overbearing, showcasing admirable collaboration skills and a commendable level of self-awareness.

Since moving up to year 6, Liam has taken on new responsibilities, serving as a member of the school council and becoming a sports leader. This has allowed him to develop his leadership skills and help other students out. Liam’s peers now look up to him as a role model, acknowledging his journey from a challenging start to becoming a positive force within the school community.

Kamen reflected on how he has helped Liam, saying, “I’ve worked with Liam since year 4 all the way up to now and I am really proud of the person he has become. He’s more self-aware and takes responsibility and is just becoming an all-round good person. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and children like him remind me of why I do this job because it shows me how much impact we have on children’s life’s.”


Kamen’s dedicated coaching through the PLPS programme facilitated Liam’s incredible journey from emotional struggles to becoming a respected leader. He has now developed great leadership skills and has recently become the school councillor and sports leader and is well respected by his peers. Through personalized guidance and a supportive framework, students like Liam can not only overcome obstacles but also emerge as leaders within their school communities.

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