As part of our Premier League Primary Stars programme our coaches deliver targeted interventions surrounding English, Maths and Mental Health. During our Maths intervention at Holgate Primary School with our coach Tom, we have been pleased to see some amazing mathematics progression with pupils doing their ‘Superheroes times tables.’

The idea behind ‘Superhero times tables’ is that each times tables is represented by a different superhero that the children need to defeat. It is a great way of making maths more fun and challenging the children. Tom explained “the pupils have to do a test every Friday to build up their knowledge, and as soon as they answer every question in a set correctly, they move up to the next superhero.”

We spoke with pupils Caleb, and Jacob both aged 9 about the superhero times table challenge.

“You have different superheroes which are different times tables. The ones at the bottom are quite easy like 10’s and 5’s and as it goes up it gets trickier. Me and Caleb are both on 7’s and 8’s right now and they are quite hard.” explained Jacob. “You just need to go home and learn them one sum at a time.”

Caleb said that it also really helps him to understand his maths lessons better, “If you learn these really well then it helps you with things like sums.”

Both of the boys explained how they really like the use of the superheroes because it sets them a challenge. Jacob said, “By the end of year four we would both like to be at either ‘Cat Woman’ or ‘Superman’.”Tom explained that these superheroes represent place value and division.

We caught up with Mrs Cavill, a teacher who has overseen the brilliant work Tom and our other coaches have delivered at Holgate Primary School. She told us “By the end of year four children are nationally expected to know their times tables up to 12. By linking it in with the superheroes it really encourages the children and breaks it down for them into complexity levels. Their sense of achievement makes them really proud.”

We asked Mrs Cavill what she thought about the maths interventions that we deliver in the school. She said ‘The interventions have been absolutely amazing and the kids absolutely love doing anything with Tom. They think it must be something quite cool if they are doing it with a P.E. Coach. Just by having a smaller focus group we have seen some incredible progress and it has boosted their enthusiasm.’

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