This month alongside the EFL and Mind Charity’s ‘Do One Thing’ campaign we have been celebrating the positive impact our mental health programme – Tricky to Talk, has had on those like Beth.

‘Tricky to Talk’ is a collaborative programme created by Nottingham Forest Football Club and Nottingham Forest Community Trust. The programme aims to encourage fans and people across our communities to talk more openly about their mental health, raise awareness and reduce stigma relating to mental ill health. We have our own ‘Tricky Hubs’, which are relaxed informal sessions where you can talk to others who may be experiencing mental health difficulties, share your experiences or simply get involved in a casual chat about Nottingham Forest.

Beth has been involved in the programme since its early stages and it’s been amazing to see the progress she has made. Beth has not only gained a lot more confidence since first coming to the sessions, but she’s made friends and has said that her mental health has improved as a result. With this in mind Nottingham Forest and Nottingham Forest Community Trust decided to pay Beth a visit to surprise her with a brand-new Nottingham Forest home shirt. Needless to say, she loved her gift and couldn’t be more grateful.

Beth went on to write her own blog post about this and the ‘Tricky to Talk’ programme and in it said the following…

“Over the past 14 months the Tricky Hub has been a lifeline for me, somewhere I could get to understand my new diagnosis of an eating disorder in a non-judgemental environment, somewhere I could have a moan after a difficult counselling session, somewhere I could feel safe enough to open up if and when I want, as well as having a laugh along the way.”

“I have loved every second of attending Tricky Hub, it’s been an anchor during these tough times, and I’m so grateful for their support. Claire (Tricky to Talk Lead) is an absolute angel and has been a massive support for me, and she’s working her hardest to make the Tricky Hub become successful and a welcoming space for us all, and even checks up on me, after work hours because she cares. It’s not just a job to her and it shows! She will make me laugh and smile when I’m struggling and will make me cry when she tells me how proud of me, she is; and I just want to say thank you.

To find out more about our ‘Tricky to Talk’ programme simply click here.