Children’s Mental Health Week | Providing support for local schools

Did you know that 1 in 6 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem?

As part of ¬†‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ we want to raise vital awareness around this growing issue and ¬†encourage children to express themselves more.

As part of our Premier League Primary Stars programme we are consistently delivering mental health collapsed curriculum days for local schools to help pupils develop more of an understanding about mental health, the importance of looking after your own (and others) mental wellbeing and the things we can do support this.

We recently held one of our workshops for Wainwright Primary Academy. The session we delivered uses vibrant resources with fun and engaging activities from the insights of children that motivates pupils to ask questions and interact with the session. Although at first, many of the students suggested that they had little knowledge about mental health and wellbeing, as we began to illustrate the feelings and emotions associated with mental health using sport and child-friendly animations, it seemed they knew more than they thought.

It’s great to see the engagement continuously rise throughout these sessions and the children’s understanding of mental health grow. In doing so research suggests that this will help students to open up more about difficulties they may be having and will have during their childhood as well as better equip them for dealing with mental illness in themselves and others.

‘Thank you so much for the session, a good balance of activity, video and thinking time. It gave the children an opportunity to engage in something different. It is not easy doing sessions online but I thought it was really well delivered and at a good pace.” – Mr Martin, Teacher

“With the current climate, we believe it is important that children are getting the right guidance and support to be able to speak out on how they see the world. Every Monday has been solely focused around getting into schools and delivering Mental Health Programmes, focusing on the effects the pandemic may have had on children, advising children who to speak to if they are feeling low and how to spot signs that others around them, family and/or friends may be going through.” – Tom Norton, Senior Premier League Primary Stars Head Coach

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Children’s Mental Health Week | Providing support for local schools

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