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Coach Isaac Celebrates Black Premier League Players and Coaches

In the spirit of Black History Month, Nottingham Forest Community Trust is proud to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity that are integral to the world of football. Today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Coach Isaac, one of our dedicated team members, who sees this month as a remarkable opportunity to honour and highlight the contributions of black Premier League players and coaches, both on and off the pitch.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust Isaac


Isaac’s connection to football goes beyond the pitch, as he serves as a Premier League Primary Stars coach in schools across the city. Through this programme, he not only discloses his love for the game but also educates children on vital topics such as ‘No Room for Racism,’ ‘Rainbow Laces,’ and various lifestyle subjects. This programme combines education and physical education, nurturing young people, and instilling the values of diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Isaac says, “As a person of black heritage, it’s great to be able to work for a Premier League club as it resembles the diversity of football in the Premier League and Nottingham Forest as a club and community trust. But it’s even more fulfilling to bring the spirit of the Premier League to the hearts of the next generation, engaging them with topics that promote unity, respect, and social change.”

“Working in this environment is not just a job; it’s a profound connection to the sport I love. The Premier League showcases the incredible diversity of the beautiful game. It’s not just about the matches we watch on TV, but it’s a reflection of the world’s rich diversity on and off the pitch, representing people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures. This is really brought to life through the Premier League’s No Room For Racism campaign.”

Isaac’s comments encapsulate the essence of Black History Month and the progressive values of Nottingham Forest Community Trust.

The Premier League is a testament to the power of diversity in football. It’s a league that not only showcases exceptional talent from all over the world but also highlights the incredible contributions made by black players and black coaches. From impacting the pitch to making a difference in their communities off the pitch, black Premier League players and coaches within clubs and their respective charitable organisations have left an indelible mark.

While the excellence of black players in the Premier League is well-documented, it’s also essential to recognise off-the-pitch contributions. Many individuals associated with Premier League Clubs and their Club Charitable Organisations actively engage in charitable work, mentorship programmes, and community initiatives. They use their platform to inspire, uplift, and create positive change.

Isaac, through his involvement in the Premier League Primary Stars programme, is a part of this movement, embodying the values of mentorship and community engagement that the Premier League represents. Together, they form a network of off-the-pitch heroes, showing that, irrespective of one’s background, one can achieve greatness and give back to their community.

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