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Premier League


Our Premier League Inspires programme, uses the power of football to inspire young people aged 11-18 at risk of not reaching their potential, to develop their personal skills and build a positive attitude needed to succeed in life.

The programme enables individuals to develop their personal, social, employability, and life skills. This is accomplished through a sequence of routine in-person group sessions, mentoring, workshops, and social action projects, providing pupils with the help they need now and supporting them to plan for their future.

Premier League Inspires

Premier League Changemakers, which is delivered alongside our Premier League Inspires programme, supports young women by inspiring, empowering and equipping them with the tools to develop a positive attitude towards leadership.

Izzy, a spirited young participant in our PL Changemakers programme, who, since September, has been working closely with her mentor, Connor, has shown great improvement with self-confidence and growth within herself.

The PL Changemakers initiative extends beyond serving as a platform for football enthusiasts. For Izzy, it has been the place where she discovered friends who share her passion and interests. This sense of camaraderie has not only enhanced her social connections but has also instilled in her the confidence to articulate her opinions fairly and assertively.

One of the highlights of Izzy’s journey with PL Changemakers has been her involvement in volunteer work with Nottingham Forest Community Trust. She dedicated her time to the Soccer Schools initiative, showcasing her skills and passion for the sport. Not only did Izzy excel in her volunteer role, but the experience also became a catalyst for her personal growth. She emerged from her shell, demonstrating newfound confidence and leadership qualities that extended beyond the football field and into her school environment.

A significant milestone in Izzy’s journey was her participation in the programme’s social action, ‘Inside Matters.’ Alongside fellow students participating in the PL Changemakers programme, they visited a care home to promote the “Stay Connected” aspect of Inside Matters. This heart-warming initiative not only encouraged intergenerational connections but also highlighted the positive impact young individuals can have on their communities.

Izzy expressed her perspective on her experience in the PL Inspires programme, “PL Inspires has helped build my confidence in school and being a PL Changemaker gave me the opportunity to become a volunteer for Nottingham Forest”.

Through the Premier League Inspires Changemakers initiative, Izzy not only found her voice but also discovered the profound joy of giving back to the community. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration for others, demonstrating the transformative potential that lies within every participant of this impactful programme.

Premier League Inspires
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