Nottingham vaccination centres are successfully administering the COVID-19 vaccines to thousands of people every single day.

As the NHS push forward in trying to vaccinate as many vulnerable people as they can we recognised their need for support. With masses coming through the doors on a consistent basis we have been offering volunteers to assist in helping the vaccination centres to safely co-ordinate and support people entering and leaving the premises.

From ensuring social distance guidelines and sanitisation rules are adhered to, navigational, query and concern support for those receiving their vaccines and general help provided to the medical professionals, we are doing our best to make the process as effective as possible.

Alex, one of our coaches volunteering for the health centres said, “Whilst we haven’t been able to deliver many of our sessions due to COVID restrictions is been really nice to get out and help people coming to get their vaccines. We see so many people coming in and out every day and they’re so grateful for our help, it’s great knowing we are making a difference and making it as simple as possible for the centre’s and the people.”