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Creating Content with Nethergate

We recently had the pleasure of organising a web-focused content creation workshop for the students at Nethergate Academy as part of the Think Big website launch. Our goal was to inspire and educate the students about the possibilities available to them in the tech industry and to break down any perceived barriers they may have had.

Nethergate Academy Nottingham Forest


Nethergate Academy is a school that specialises in catering to the needs of students with learning difficulties and complex needs. Their mission is to provide equal education opportunities and promote personal wellbeing, enabling every individual to achieve a place of value in society. We were thrilled to work with a school that shares our passion for promoting equal opportunities and empowering students to reach their full potential.


The Think Big programme is all about breaking down the barriers into the industry and helping young people make informed choices about their future careers. We provided the Nethergate Academy students with a range of insights into various roles at Nottingham Forest and Ideagen that are often overlooked. Our aim was to excite the students about the potential of working in technology and to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to pursue their career aspirations.

Nethergate Academy Nottingham Forest


One of the highlights of the workshop was the one-to-one session with Allan, Digital Projects Executive, at Ideagen. Allan shared his insights and experiences with the students, providing them with a first-hand account of what it’s like to work in the tech industry. The students were engaged and excited to hear about the range of opportunities available to them, and we could see the seeds of inspiration being planted.

Having listened to Allan, students had the opportunity to create their own blog pieces and capture photos of their workshop and tour at the City Ground. Blogging provides students with an opportunity to develop their writing skills, express their creativity and share their thoughts and experiences with a wider audience. It also encouraged them to think critically and reflect on their experiences, as they considered what they wanted to communicate to their readers and through this activity, students learnt about the importance of online communication.


Kyle, student from Nethergate gave an overview of the day as part of his blog piece, “Firstly when we arrived at the stadium, we got shown the plan for the day. We then did some human bingo and got introduced to some of the Think Big ambassadors. When we had a tour around the stadium, we got introduced to the commentary box, dugout for the substitutes and took some photos of the stadium. We had some lunch which included various foods like chicken, wraps and salad.

Before the tour of the stadium, we got introduced to Allan who told us what his job role is, and Claire, Ideagen’s Community Lead explained what her job role is. After lunch we played a role of media manager where we talked about the different jobs in technology, I can’t wait to see my blog on their website.”

Find out more about the programme on the Think Big website.

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