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A second derby day of the season awaits the Reds as they take on Derby County on a wet and windy Wednesday at the Forest Sports Zone.



A well-executed play down the right-side features no. 2 position, who then delivers a precise pass to Forest’s no.9 along the side-line. The no.9 brilliantly switches the play to the no.7, who, in turn, reciprocates by locating the no.9 in front of the goal, resulting in an early lead for Forest.

Nottingham Forest 1-0 Derby County

Lack of effective communication within the Forest defensive line results in a turnover of possession. The Derby forwards capitalize on this, breaking away down the right side and posing defensive challenges. As the ball is launched high into the box, both the no.11 and the Derby striker attempt to reach it. However, the Forest player arrives slightly late, making minimal contact with the Derby player, prompting the referee to award Derby a penalty. The penalty is the then taken and sends the keeper the wrong way making it level 1-1.

Nottingham Forest 1-1 Derby County

A strong firm pass is played by our no.6 into the Forest no.9 who receives the ball with a beautiful turn, leaving the Derby defender metres behind him. He then glides past another defender before powerfully driving the ball on the ground past the keeper restoring Forest’s 1 goal lead.

Nottingham Forest 2-1 Derby County

Following an unsuccessful possession by Derby, the Forest no.2 resorts to a long and forceful clearance, intending to locate no.9. However, the clearance inadvertently strikes the arm of a Derby defender, prompting the referee to intervene. The decision is made in favour of a penalty just before halftime, presenting an opportunity for our no.9 to secure a hattrick and potentially give Forest a two-goal lead. The penalty is powerful and accurate finding the bottom right corner. A first half hattrick and 3-1 to Forest.

Nottingham Forest 3-1 Derby County


Forest seems in control of this fixture going into the 2nd half with an obvious threat going forward, although Derby have been able to exploit the Forest backline on many occasions leading them to having some belief going into the 2nd half.


A 3rd penalty is given away in this game, this time in favour of Derby. A Derby wing back was making inroads in the Forest penalty area before receiving a poorly timed challenge from the Forest centre half giving Derby a chance back into the game. Yet again this chance is taken by Derby leaving the Forest keeper with no chance of saving and hope of a comeback for Derby.

Nottingham Forest 3-2 Derby County

A massive moment in this already rollercoaster of a game as a long looping ball is played over the top of the Forest backline leading to the keeper trying to punch the ball away. But the Forest no.1 misses the ball and makes contact with the Derby attacker, who in the referees’ eyes was through on goal leading to a red card being given to the Forest keeper. Originally the referee gave a freekick but after conferring with his linesman changes his mind giving Derby a chance at an equaliser against Forest’s centre half who has stepped in place of the sent off keeper. The penalty is taken and just beats the keeper after his best effort after going the right way but not having a strong enough wrist behind it leaving the ball in the back of the net and making it 3-3.

Nottingham Forest 3-3 Derby County

After battling with 10 men for around 15 minutes and having a couple of chances, and an offside goal an inevitable winner came from Derby after a corner is swung into the near post and an unmarked Derby player jabs the ball past the Forest centre half in goal giving Derby their first lead of the day and the final lead of the day.

Nottingham Forest 3-4 Derby County

A valiant effort with 10 men but an overall disappointing performance from the Reds leads to the Rams taking the share of the points today. Forest will be specifically disappointed with their second half performance after a fairly dominant first half performance. This means Forest stay 2nd in the league behind West Brom after their recent victory.




Match Report written by student and player, Kasey.

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