Devon, Kieran & Rawa | The impact of our Holiday Hunger programme

With around 3 million children in the UK at risk of malnutrition during the summer holidays alongside the additional concerns associated with the coronavirus pandemic, many households have been put under enormous stress. So we teamed up with the Premier League, Greenwood Academies Trust and FareShare to ensure that local children had access to free healthy nutritious meals and Covid-safe sports provision throughout the school holidays.

The sessions have taken place every single week day throughout the school holidays and its been incredibly encouraging to see the positive impact its had on some of our participants like Kieran, Devon and Rawa. These boys have been attending the same session every week and although, they started off quite shy and unsure about the healthy meal options, they have become good friends, we’ve seen a massive increase in their confidence and ability in our sports activities and have loved the food.

We caught up with the boys to see what they had to say about the programme…

What did you enjoy most about the sessions?

Devon: I loved all the coaches, I can’t pick a favourite. They’ve been so nice to me, I’ve loved coming back every week and I feel like I’ve got better and foot golf and tennis now. The meals were good, I was able to share them with my family.

Do you feel any healthier since the start of the programme?

Kieran: Yes, I’m so tired when I get home but the games are really fun and its made me think about healthier foods and things. We do so much exercise on the session but its fun, I enjoy it.

Have you made any friends from the sessions?

Rawa: Yes everyone is nice and its been fun with them every week and with the coaches as well.

Did you like the healthy meals provided for you?

Kieran: I wasn’t sure at first but they are actually nice and we get so much too.

Would you like to come to anymore sessions like this in the future?

Devon: I’d love to keep doing things like this, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Devon, Kieran & Rawa | The impact of our Holiday Hunger programme

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