Nottingham Forest Community Trust, established as a charitable trust in October 2010, offers a wide range of inclusive projects across the Nottinghamshire area. The club’s community programme, having been in operation since 1990, engage with a variety of young people in order to stimulate an environment in which they can subsequently accomplish their potential, using the power of sport to do so. As a registered charity and non-profitable scheme, the Nottingham Forest Community Trust strives to encourage participation in sports and physical activities thus improving health and well-being for people of all ages and backgrounds.


The Nottingham Forest Community Trust aims to provide support for young people who may have not experienced the freedom and potential that our sporting activities provide. Particularly targeted at disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in Nottinghamshire, the Community Trust is always appreciative of donations as well as fundraising ideas which help support our projects. Donations made to the trust are used to fund our various projects and activities which strive to build social and physical skills of young people. As a role model, we are committed to providing the most successful training and education programmes for our community whilst using the power of football as a vehicle in promoting social cohesion and enhancing life skills. However, despite our commitment to the community, we are a non-profitable trust meaning that donations are important in sustaining our success.

“They are an absolute lifeline for me. I don’t know what I’d do without the Nottingham Forest Community Trust coaches.
John Bowers, 89-year-old Forest Forces Veteran

Just £30 provides an hour of coaching for one of our disability session and with your help we will be able to fund similar programmes throughout the city, all donations are hugely appreciated and will enable us to further empower the lives of the Nottingham community.