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Emmanuel Think Big

Pupils from The Nottingham Emmanuel School enjoyed an exclusive visit to the world-famous City Ground to learn about how the home of Nottingham Forest Football Club uses tech in its day-to-day operations.



The visit was part of the Think Big programme, a partnership with Nottingham Forest Community Trust and Ideagen which motivates young people to be excited by tech and inspire them to think big about future employment in the tech industry.

The year 10 students embarked on their Think Big journey earlier this academic year as the Think Big team showcased the introductory film, outlined the structure of the programme, explained what the students can expect and how it can positively impact their career aspirations.

Following on from the initial assembly, the programme gives students the chance to take part in specifically designed workshops encouraging them to apply their skills, knowledge and ideas to tech challenges. The workshops and hands-on approach is designed to make students realise that jobs within the tech and sports industries are much more than just ‘coding’ or ‘playing on the pitch’.

The main feature of their visit was a guided tour of the City Ground showing the students how tech is used and implemented at a Premier League football stadium. Areas of interest included a focus on goal line technology, video assistance referees (VAR), turnstile entry system, ticketing systems and the LED score board and pitch side advertising.

Speaking about their visit, Academic Mentor Tina Watson said, “I thought Think Big was very useful. It gave students a good overview of pathways to different job opportunities within a tech and sport career.”

Tina continued, “Arron from the Think Big team was very approachable, and the students found it motivational, and he helped them to consider possibilities for their futures.”

Year 10 student Fuad said, “We’ve been learning about the types of technology used at the City Ground such as goal line technology. It’s been good and it’s encouraged us to keep doing what we’re doing. I really like how the programme has been delivered and it’s so cool to come down to the City Ground, especially learning about VAR and how is used in football.

After asking Fuad how he thinks big, he said, “I think big by setting myself goals in life and achieving them one by one!”

The Nottingham Emmanuel School is just one of many schools currently on their Think Big journey and to date the programme has engaged with 26 schools across the county with over 11,000 pupils engaged.

If you want to find out more about this exciting programme, head on over to Think Big for more information and details on how to get involved.

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