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Empowering Young Girls On and Off the Pitch

Now in its sixth year, Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS), a Premier League-funded programme, is designed to use the power of football to engage pupils in primary schools across the country.

A PLPS coach plays a vital role of fostering and mentoring young girls and boys, inspiring them to develop a passion not only for football but also for all sports on the playground. Our dedicated coaches empower these youngsters to embrace their potential, not just on the pitch, but also in the classroom, encouraging them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


In the world of football, it’s not uncommon to find exceptional players who possess the ability to inspire and motivate others. One such extraordinary individual is Mai, a talented Nottingham Forest Women’s player and a dedicated PLPS coach in our community. Her incredible journey and passion for the sport has touched the life of a young girl named Poppy in year 4, who has found inspiration in both Mai’s playing ability and her commitment to coaching. Through her role as a PLPS coach, she teaches valuable skills, encourages teamwork, and instils the values of fair play and perseverance in young players.

Poppy is a spirited young girl who recently started attending all Nottingham Forest Women’s games ever since Mai took on the role of Poppy’s coach. Drawn by Mai’s skills on the pitch, Poppy quickly found herself captivated by the way Mai carries herself as an athlete and coach. She proudly wears a Nottingham Forest Women’s shirt, with the number 8 and ‘Moncaster’ printed on the back, to every game. Additionally, she enthusiastically participates in the after-school club led by Mai at her school every week. The sheer passion and enthusiasm with which Mai approaches the game has left a lasting mark on Poppy, fuelling her own love for football.

Every weekend, Poppy laces up her boots and plays for her local football team. With Mai’s invaluable guidance and support, Poppy’s skills and attitude on the pitch continue to flourish. Not only does she shine during her weekend matches, but her growth and development extend to her PE lessons as well. Thanks to Mai’s influence, Poppy’s passion for the game continues to fuel her progress and achievements both in and out of school.

Poppy’s presence at every Nottingham Forest Women’s game hasn’t gone unnoticed by Mai. The connection between the two has grown, as Mai has taken the time to personally interact with Poppy, encouraging her love for football. Through conversations and shared experiences, Mai has become a mentor figure for Poppy, motivating her to pursue her dreams and work hard to achieve her goals, both on and off the pitch.

We had a conversation with Poppy to hear about her experience being taught by Mai, and she shared her thoughts, saying, “I think Mai is an amazing coach. She’s really inspiring and has helped me a lot, especially in PE and football. Last season, I made sure to attend as many of her matches as possible, proudly wearing my Moncaster 8 shirt, and cheering her on from the side-lines.”

Mai said, “Being able to teach Poppy and seeing her improve, not only in football but other sports too, is absolutely fantastic and watching her grow into the young sportswoman she is going to be.”

Beyond the thrill of the game, football can shape character, instil values, and ignite dreams. Mai’s commitment to excellence as a player and a coach has become an inspiration not only to Poppy but to countless other young girls and boys who aspire to follow in her footsteps.

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