Encouraging social action with local primary school

Before schools were forces to close due to the national lockdown, we had been working with students from one of our Premier League Primary Stars schools to deliver a social action programme for a need they see fitting in their community or in the world.

Students learned what social action is through a case study surrounding female activist Malala Yousafzai. They explored the challenges she has faced throughout her life to get to where she is today, and why her goal is to make education accessible for everyone through her amazing story.

From the 14 participants that took part in the programme, just 2 were confident in saying that they had taken part in a form of social action before. After exploring the meaning of social action and examples of the impact it can have on a community, the students found that most of them have helped a cause within their community without actually realising.

Students had originally planned to create small equipment kits for schools in deprived areas of the world, containing basic learning necessities such a pens, pencils and rulers. Unfortunately, this was distributed through the new lockdown restrictions.

Despite the challenge this brought, students identified the needs of their local community more than ever and decided to ask members of staff and fellow participants to bring food in to donate. This was then distributed to anyone in need of food during the tough time and Christmas period, with anything left over going to the local salvation army.

“I was very impressed with the Social action project in every aspect. The way the coach engaged the group of girls and inspired them with a topic they had little prior knowledge about was fantastic to watch. The empowerment the programme gave the girls was refreshing to see. The social action group helped organise the donations of food, cleaning materials and toiletry items to help vulnerable members of our local community. The outcome has been immense which a huge numbers of food hampers being made up to help families within our community throughout the Christmas period.”

– Mr Aldis, Wainwright Primary

“I can’t give enough praise for the way the group committed themselves and took to the programme. It was fantastic to see their progress each week and hear their creative ideas to help give something back to their community. The hard work they have done for such a great cause shows in the impact it will have on families that have benefitted from the goods.”

Alex Toplis, Head Coach

Encouraging social action with local primary school

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