Flying High Academy, Ladybrook is the first school to post a score in our Flying High Trust Family Ryder Cup Footgolf competition, with the 16 families putting up a whopping average score of 42.

8 schools are taking part in the competition, which is running until the end of the school academic year. The 8 schools will be split into 2 teams of 4 one being Team Europe and the other Team USA, families will play around a 9 hole course set up on their school grounds, with the school posting an average score from all the families to go towards their team, we will also be keeping track of the school with the best average score and the family.




Team USA

  • FHA Ladybrook
  • Horsendale Primary
  • Hucknall FHA
  • Hillside Primary


Team Europe 

  • Mapplewells Primary
  • Hawthorne Primary
  • Leamington Primary
  • Porchester Junior School


We’ll keep you updated week by week how each team gets on. Who are you shouting for?


Contact us to see how you can get involved!