Nottingham Forest Community Trust and Nottingham Forest Football Club are committed to supporting our Armed Forces community. Every month we hold an event for the Veterans in our local community, whether that be a coffee morning or a comedy night. It is a great way for people in the community to socialise and get together in the unique setting of a professional football club.

Yesterday afternoon our monthly Forest Forces event was held here at the City Ground, where our Veterans were joined by some very special visitors, our Nottingham Forest Young Trickies Youth Council members. The Young Trickies are a group of young teen Nottingham Forest fans, who have been hand selected to be part of a council to help continue the successful growth of the Football Club. Everyone in attendance was very excited to be greeted in the Players Lounge here a The City Ground with cakes and drinks.

We decided to get both groups of people together here at the ground, to start a conversation and get their opinions on different matters relating to Nottingham Forest. It was amazing to see the opinions of both over 50’s and young teens on a variety of topics and looking at how their views differed or were similar. The contrast between the life experiences of all the participants was very insightful and meant that they could all openly have a conversation, explaining their thoughts and maybe altering each other’s views slightly.

It was an amazing afternoon, filled with great feedback and ideas. It was a fantastic way to combine two of our different projects and we hope everyone enjoyd it as much as we did!

To find out more about our Forest Forces programme click here.