The Robin Hood Half Marathon is a 13.1 mile course across Nottingham that encourages runners to raise money for their chosen charity. This year we had 21 runners representing us in the marathon, raising money to buy a defibrillator for The Forest Sports Zone. Our runners included members of staff from NFCT, including our CEO Graham Moran, Education Tutor Daniel Gordon, Coach Mark Moss, RTC Coach Kevin Lock and NCS Project Manager Corbi Brown.

A defibrillator is a life saving piece of equipment that uses an electric current to control the hearts fibrillation, combined with CPR it can save the life of someone suffering a cardiac arrest. Every year 30,000 people in the UK suffer from a cardiac arrest, and without immediate treatment 90-95% of cardiac arrests prove fatal. Having a defibrillator at a public/sports facility like The Forest Sports Zone is important because;

  • If a defibrillator is used within the first 3-5 minutes of a cardiac arrest, then the survival rate rises from 6 to 74%.
  • Every minute without CPR or a defibrillator reduces the victim’s survival rate by 7-10 minutes.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust are very grateful for the support of everyone who ran on behalf of us and donated to help us raise money to buy this life saving piece of equipment.