Free healthy food and physical activity for Nottingham children

Nottingham Forest Community Trust are teaming up with the Premier League, Greenwood Academies Trust and FareShare to ensure that local children have access to healthy nutritious meals and Covid-safe sports provision throughout the school holidays.

Greenwood Academies Trust is a leading multi-academy trust which currently has 36 open academies, educating approximately 17,000 pupils and supporting a high proportion of disadvantaged and vulnerable children. The Trust is committed to ensuring the best education possible for all pupils, irrespective of their background, so that they can go on to lead happy and successful lives.

FareShare is the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. They take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to frontline charities and community groups in the UK, creating almost a million meals for vulnerable people every week.

Around 3 million children in the UK are at risk of malnutrition during the summer holidays and alongside the coronavirus pandemic which has put enormous stress and pressure on households, the need to tackle holiday hunger has never been more crucial. Research suggests that children’s food insecurity is worryingly associated with poorer health, academic functioning, and social skills, as well as depression and anxiety, behavioural problems and obesity.

Tackling this together, our collaborative efforts will ensure that every weekday throughout the holiday’s children will get to take part in free sports activities including foot-golf, foot-tennis and fitness exercises and go home with a nutritious bag of food. We have taken all necessary precautions and will be following strict government guidelines to ensure that we can help as many children as possible, as safely as possible. Not only are we doing this to support young people outside of school, but it has been shown that by reducing social isolation, lower stimulus/activity levels and poor diets outside of term time can proactively heighten a children’s academic performance and attainment.

“Nottingham Forest are delighted to be partnering with Greenwood Academies Trust in providing free healthy food, fun based physical activity sessions and learning throughout the school holidays. The sessions are being delivered in collaboration with FareShare who are providing the food and the Premier league whose Kicks and Primary Stars programmes aim to create positive and lasting sporting, health and education outcomes for children, young people and the wider community.”

– Graham Moran, CEO of Nottingham Forest Community Trust

Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

“Across Greenwood Academies Trust, we serve a high proportion of disadvantaged families and know, first-hand, the extent of some parents’ struggles to support their children during this difficult time.

“As a Trust, we are dedicated to ensuring all of our pupils have the support needed to thrive in life, and we are incredibly proud to have partnered with FareShare and Nottingham Forest’s Premier League community programmes to encourage as many pupils as possible to stay active and have access to healthy food throughout the summer holidays.”


Free healthy food and physical activity for Nottingham children

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