Working with Guru Nanak’s Mission to provide children with meals over the summer holidays

Now an incredible summer of delivery is over, Nottingham Forest Community Trust (NFCT) looks back to highlight and celebrate some of the support received in August when delivering the Free Fun and Food programme across the city.

A large part of the programme involved procuring and delivering thousands of meals to 13 schools ensuring that each site had the correct number of meals, and that each delivery took into account a number of dietary requirements.

NFCT could not have delivered such a sheer quantity and variety of meals without the support of local organisations. When the Trust was planning the programme back in the spring, in stepped Guru Nanak’s Mission (GNM) who kindly offered their support.

GNM is based across several Sikh Gurdwaras (temple) in Nottingham and their main mission is ‘To do local service to local people in need, with one act of kindness.’ NFCT Trustee, Iqbal Sanghera introduced NFCT CEO, Graham Moran MBE to GNM and conversations started about addressing a common goal which was feeding people that were in need.

The kitchen at the Gurdwara is busy every week and the volunteers prepare a variety of hot meals, pack them up, then serve the dishes in Nottingham City Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and GNM are proud to have never missed a serving.

Throughout August, GNM’s volunteers provided 250 meals every Tuesday and NFCT staff would pick up the high-quality, healthy, vegetarian based meals and distribute them to schools in the city.

This is the first time that both charities had worked together, and this experience has laid foundations to a long-term relationship in the future.

Bal Bansal, GNM volunteer explained, “Guru Nanak’s Mission gladly supported Nottingham Forest Community Trust in the fantastic work they did during the summer holidays in providing food to families in Nottingham.

Bal continued, “GNM’s volunteers prepared, cooked and packed over 250 meals every Tuesday, in the month of August at the Sikh Temple on Nottingham Road. Working together, to make a difference.”

Declan Barker, Head of Programmes at NFCT added, “It’s been fantastic to work Guru Nanak’s Mission and it’s brilliant two charities with shared values worked together to achieve a common goal and address hunger in Nottingham.”

When asked about their thoughts on the Free Fun and Food programme, one GNM volunteer said, “It’s an invaluable programme. I know there are lots of children who come into school without. So, for a project to run like this and everyone is getting involved, it means families are being helped so much and it improves everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing.”

NFCT are proud to have collaborated and worked closely with Guru Nanak’s Mission and this is a prime example of charities working together to create impact and value to the lives of many families in the community.

If you’d like to find out more about Guru Nanak’s Mission, visit their Facebook page.

Working with Guru Nanak’s Mission to provide children with meals over the summer holidays

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