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Hayden’s Journey with PL Kicks


Nottingham Forest Community Trust works closely with the Premier League to use the power of football and the value of sports participation to help youngsters in some of the most high-need areas. Since 2006, Premier League Kicks (PL Kicks) has supported hundreds of thousands of young people to achieve their potential and improve their wellbeing through free weekly football sessions and educational workshops.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust runs sessions 4 nights a week throughout areas within Nottinghamshire and is open to participants aged 8-16 years old.

One participant who has been attending our Kicks sessions for a long time now is Hayden. Over the years, Hayden’s commitment to the programme has been amazing. He has consistently attended training sessions and matches. Through his active involvement, he has not only improved his footballing abilities but has also gained valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and leadership.


Hayden’s dedication did not go unnoticed by the Nottingham Forest coaching staff. Recognising his talent and commitment, he was given the opportunity to represent Nottingham Forest at the PL Kicks Cup, a national tournament featuring teams from various Premier League and English Football League clubs. This was a significant achievement for Hayden, as it showcased his progress and provided him with a platform to compete at a higher level.

Beyond the competitive aspect, the PL Kicks Cup also served as a platform for Hayden to forge new friendships and build connections with like-minded teenagers. The experience broadened his horizons and exposed him to different playing styles and approaches to the game. The experience served as an additional source of inspiration, intensifying his love for football and providing the ongoing motivation to consistently show up, week after week.

During our conversation with Hayden about his experience with the PL Kicks programme, he shared, “One of the things I enjoy the most about PL Kicks is the sense of community. It brings kids from different backgrounds together, allowing them to bond over our shared love for football, especially the fact that it is free and open to everyone. The staff members are always welcoming, creating a friendly atmosphere.”

Hayden continued, “PL Kicks has had a significant positive impact on my life. One of the biggest benefits has been the opportunity to make new friends. Through PL Kicks, I have met other young footballers who share my passion. Together, we get to take part in various football tournaments and events that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.”

When we asked Hayden what motivated him to return week after week. He replied, “PL Kicks allows me to enjoy the game without the pressure of winning or proving myself. It provides a space where I can simply have a good time, play with my friends, and improve my skills at my own pace.”


Hayden’s journey from a participant in the PL Kicks programme to a representative of Nottingham Forest at the PL Kicks Cup showcases how the programme is more than just a football programme. It fosters talent and provides opportunities that can truly transform the lives of young individuals. It demonstrates how the power of sport can nurture personal growth, instil values, and create opportunities for young people.

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