We have been working with Coddington CofE Primary School since last year, delivering our Primary Stars programme to pupils, in partnership with the Premier League. Primary Stars sessions aim to inspire girls and boys aged 5-11 through learning and being active. The sessions are led by coach Danny Gordon who has had a great impact on the children. Since we began delivering sessions at the primary school last year, pupil participation has greatly improved. Coddington CofE have sent us over some statistics highlighting the impact Primary Stars sessions and Danny have had on their school.

Here are some highlights of the statistics we received:

  • The rate of Key Stage 1 pupils participating¬† in extra-curricular school sports clubs have risen from 0% participation in 2016/17, to 37% for girls and 45% for boys in 2017/18.
  • The rate of disadvantaged pupils taking part in extra-curricular school activities has risen from 23 participants in 2016/17, to 71 participants in 2017/18.
  • Head Coach from Nottingham Forest Community Trust provided CPD through team-teaching for 12 members of staff through 2017/18 academic year.

This is the impact we aim to have on every school that we deliver Premier League Primary Stars sessions to. Chris Simmonds (PE Coordinator at Coddington CofE Primary School) said the school would not have been able to reach these levels of participation without their partnership with Nottingham Forest Community Trust.

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