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Think Big

Inspiring learning beyond the classroom

Media and Sport students from Nottingham College recently had the opportunity to take part in an inspiring Think Big workshop held at the City Ground. The Think Big programme aims to introduce students to the world of technology and inspire them to explore the possibilities of a tech-focused career. As part of the programme, students were able to break free from their usual classroom environments and immerse themselves in a day of tech-based activities set in a location that inspired and motivated them. The day included a fascinating stadium tour, immersive VR workshops, and an exciting game design experience. At the heart of the Think Big programme is the goal to inspire young people to be excited about technology.


Think Big VR workshop

The Impact of the City Ground

The practical workshop session at the City Ground offered students a refreshing change of environment from their regular classrooms. Stepping away from their desks and entering the vibrant atmosphere of the stadium provided a dynamic and inspiring backdrop for learning. This change of scenery sparked curiosity and heightened students’ enthusiasm for the programme. Through showcasing endless possibilities and opportunities in the tech industry, coupled with the connection to the world of sports, students are presented with a multitude of pathways for their future careers. By visiting the City Ground, students are provided with a glimpse into the real-life settings where their tech aspirations can thrive, further motivating them to pursue their ambitions in the industry.

Unveiling the Tech Behind the Scenes

As part of the Think Big session, the students were given a ‘tech themed’ stadium tour. They had the opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge technology utilised throughout the City Ground. From the LED boards to the ticket scanners to the tech that supports the pitch, the students gained insights into the tech infrastructure that supports a Premier League football stadium. This hands-on experience not only sparked their interest in technology but also showcased how technology plays a crucial role in the football industry.

Immersive Learning

As part of their experience down at the City Ground, the students got the opportunity to try virtual reality headsets out. Incorporating VR headsets in these kinds of workshops amplifies the educational impact by immersing students in dynamic and interactive learning experiences. It not only enhances understanding and engagement but also prepares students for the technology-driven world they will encounter beyond the classroom.

Empowering Creativity

In line with the programme’s focus on technology, the students were introduced to the exciting world of game designing. This hands-on experience allowed the students to channel their creativity and problem-solving skills, enabling them to develop their own unique games. The game designing component of the Think Big session not only cultivated their technological skills but also encouraged innovation, and perseverance.

Glynn Morton, a tutor at Nottingham College, said “It’s been a great day for the students, they’ve really enjoyed it. Giving them the opportunity to come to the City Ground and see how tech is used and what possible careers there are in an industry they love is amazing. Showing them that no matter what barriers they may have, they can do it if they put their mind to it.”

The Nottingham College session at the City Ground demonstrated the power of an inspiring setting in fostering student engagement and enhancing the learning experience. The Think Big programme, in partnership with Nottingham Forest and Ideagen, is making a significant impact on young people’s lives by inspiring them to think big about their future in the tech industry.

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