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Inspiring positive change through volunteering

Lucas, a participant on our Post-16 Education Programme, has shown great enthusiasm, passion, and enjoyment in his new role as a volunteer at our Premier League Kicks (PL Kicks) session on Wednesday evenings.


Lucas shared, “I wanted to start volunteering for PL Kicks as part of my BTEC studies, where we have to complete a specific number of volunteering hours. In the last 3-4 months, I have been volunteering at PL Kicks with the desire to gain experience and coaching skills.”

In these few months, Lucas has become an integral part of the programme, dedicating his time and skills to organise teams, referee games, and actively participate in workshops addressing critical issues to educate the participants.

As well as getting involved on the pitch, Lucas has also committed to getting involved with the educational workshops that PL Kicks offers its participants. This has been shown through his work presenting the “No Room for Racism” workshops recently, he has helped create a space where participants can engage in meaningful conversations, challenge stereotypes, and contribute to building a football community that stands united against racism.

Lucas has taken his involvement beyond PL Kicks by refereeing games in the Trust’s annual Challenge Cup Tournament. His willingness to take on this responsibility not only showcases his growing expertise in the sport but also underscores his commitment to ensuring fair play and sportsmanship within the community.

Lucas’ impact goes beyond his assigned roles; his infectious enthusiasm, passion for the game, and genuine enjoyment while volunteering has created a positive ripple effect within the PL Kicks sessions. His vibrant energy has not only elevated the overall atmosphere but has also inspired other participants to actively engage in the activities and embrace the spirit of community football.

Lucas said, “My favourite part about volunteering at Kicks is engaging with the young people and providing support and encouragement so they can take part in the sessions.”

In addition to his active involvement in PL Kicks, Lucas’ commitment to his BTEC studies is commendable. Juggling academic responsibilities with volunteering showcases Lucas’s ability to manage his time effectively, emphasising the holistic development that the Nottingham Forest Community Trust strives to instil in its participants.

Lucas’s journey from BTEC student to a dedicated volunteer in PL Kicks is a testament to the transformative power of community engagement. As Lucas continues to embody the values of Nottingham Forest Community Trust, his story becomes an inspiring chapter in the larger narrative of using football as a force for positive change and community development.

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Nottingham Forest Community Trust runs sessions Monday-Fridays throughout areas within Nottinghamshire and is open to participants aged 8-18 years old.

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