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Jude’s Confidence Blossoms

Through our PL Kicks Portland College sessions on a Monday evening, Jude’s journey has been nothing short of transformative, with his confidence soaring and his physical fitness flourishing. Over the course of the past six months, Jude’s consistent attendance demonstrates the profound influence that sports and positive coaching can have on a child’s life. Jude’s mother reached out to our coaching staff with an email expressing her gratitude for the immense positive changes they have brought to her son’s life. She acknowledged the impact of their commitment, patience, and understanding.


When Jude first joined PL Kicks, his mother knew it was an opportunity to engage him in physical activities and social interactions. But she also acknowledged the challenges her son faced due to his difficulty in managing emotions and behaviour, saying, “The coaching staff are amazing with Jude and the other children who attend. My son is extremely difficult to manage and can be quite a handful, but the coaches are so tolerant, accepting, and non-judgmental in the way they teach him.” Despite these obstacles, the coaching staff at Portland College proved to be a game-changer for Jude.

Their non-judgmental approach was pivotal in building trust with Jude. Instead of focusing on his challenges, they focused on his strengths and potential. The positive reinforcement and encouragement he received in every session motivated him to push his limits and grow both mentally and physically.

Jude’s excitement for Monday evenings was evident, with his mum commenting that, “He counts the days till Monday and then the hours till it’s time to go, he dresses himself in appropriate clothing (most other activities we attend are a battle) and is really excited in the car. His confidence has grown, and his fitness is improving. Thank you all so much for helping make a difference.”

The coaching staff recognised and celebrated every milestone he achieved, further boosting his self-esteem. Jude’s confidence has blossomed since attending these sessions with our Lead Coach, Oscar saying, “Jude’s progress at PL Kicks has been a joy to watch. Right from the start till today, his surge in confidence and fitness is a solid proof of how much he enjoys and commits to joining us on those Monday nights. Seeing him embrace each session with enthusiasm is great to see and what coaching is all about. We’re proud of him and can’t wait to see him continue to shine both on and off the field.”


Jude’s time with PL Kicks proves just how much a caring environment and supportive coaches can shape a kid’s life. The coaches at these sessions not only taught him the game, but they also filled him up with the confidence to tackle anything life throws his way. It’s a reminder of why investing in programs like this is crucial – it gives them the tools they need to thrive and succeed.

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