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Kick-Start Your Football Career

Join the Foundation Degree with Nottingham Forest Community Trust and University of South Wales

Still assessing your higher education options in sport? Look no further than the Foundation Degree in Community Football Coaching and Development. This programme doesn’t just offer you a chance to secure an industry-acclaimed coaching award; it also connects you with Nottingham Forest Community Trust.

Crafted in collaboration with the English Football League Trust, this esteemed community football coaching course readies you with the essential skills and attributes vital for thriving within professional football club community divisions or even on the grand stage of national governing bodies.

The curriculum casts a wide net of knowledge encompassing children and youth coaching, football coaching, football development, social inclusion, and the nuts and bolts of sports management. Your academic home will primarily at Nottingham Forest, enriched by an additional six days each year at the cutting-edge University of South Wales (USW) Sport Park. This spans two immersive residential study stints in August and May. During your stay at the USW, you’ll gain privileged access to their state-of-the-art £15 million coaching and performance development centre. Equipped with a sprawling indoor 3G pitch and cutting-edge GPS, video, and audio technology, this hub stands poised to bolster your coach education journey.

A pivotal component of this degree revolves around the invaluable placement hours you’ll accrue throughout the programme. Your first year will entail 4-8 hours per week of practical placement, while the second-year ramps up to 7-14 hours weekly. Nottingham Forest Community Trust’s tutor will orchestrate these placements, ranging from schools and local clubs to dynamic community settings and official club events. Collaboratively, you and the club will embark on an array of projects and initiatives. These hands-on experiences constitute an indispensable chapter in your journey, furnishing you with hands-on familiarity with the nuances of the football coaching and development realm.

Why Choose the Foundation Degree?

Industry-Recognised Coaching Credentials: The programme offers an industry-recognised coaching qualification that is a significant asset for anyone aspiring to become a football coach. This credential can open doors to coaching positions at various levels, from grassroots to professional clubs.

Affiliation with Nottingham Forest: Being affiliated with Nottingham Forest Community Trust means you’re part of a football community with deep-rooted traditions and a rich history. This connection provides you with opportunities for networking, mentorship, and exposure to the real-world challenges and triumphs of the football industry.

Blend of Theory and Practice: The curriculum strikes a balance between academic knowledge and practical skills. From understanding coaching methodologies to sports management principles, you’ll be equipped with a comprehensive skill set that’s highly relevant to the football world.

Experienced Faculty: You’ll be learning from experienced educators who have been a part of the football industry. Their insights and guidance can prove invaluable as you navigate your way through the programme.

Career Pathways: The football industry offers diverse career paths beyond coaching – sports management, marketing, sports science, and more. This program prepares you for various roles within the football ecosystem.

Enrolling in the Foundation Degree in Community Football Coaching and Development isn’t just about obtaining a qualification; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey. You’ll be challenged, inspired, and motivated to reach new heights in your career aspirations. The support and mentorship you receive from Nottingham Forest Community Trust and the University of South Wales will be instrumental in shaping your future.

Contact for more information or visit the USW website.

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