Kicks keeping families active throughout lockdown

Daniel, little sister Maisie and cousin Isabelle have been attending out PL Kicks sessions weekly throughout the Summer. They have been taking part in our Foot Golf and Fitness sessions at Stockhill Park. The sessions are a relaxed and fun environment that encourage healthy competition each week, whilst still ensuring to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines. The programme has allowed all three participants to take part in something as a family throughout the lockdown period, despite the age differences.

Since the government guidelines have eased, allowing the socially distanced meeting of friends and families in outdoor spaces, participants have been able to safely take part in our PL Kicks sessions. The ease of the guidelines has allowed participants to be active alongside friends and relatives they may not have seen since before the lockdown began. Daniel, Masie and Isabelle said that they “enjoy the competition of seeing who gets the best score each week, between the staff and fellow participants” they also boasted about how the coaches make the sessions exciting each week

We asked the trio a few questions to get an insight of what they think of the sessions:

How did you find out about our Premier League Kicks Sessions?

“We came on a walk as a family to the local park and saw the Forest flags set up across the field with children playing football and wondered what was going on. We went over to find out it was a foot golf session and we all wanted to play.”

How did you get involved in the session?

“It was really easy. One of the coaches said there was spaces to take part in the session, we gave them our details and got told all about the social distancing rules and then we started playing.”

Do you think the sessions are accessible to everyone?

“The sessions are really fun to take part in and anyone can have a go! Although me and Daniel are a little bit older than Maisie, the scores have been close each week but  I’m still the best! It’s been really fun to try and beat our scores every time.”

Have you enjoyed being able to take part in activities as a family despite the restrictions?

“It’s been something to look forward to every week and it gets us all together to do something fun. It gets us out of the house so Mum and Dad can’t keep nagging at us for not doing anything now we’ve got no school work. There are lots of things in place to keep us safe like the temperature check when we arrive, keeping a safe distance, the regular hand sanitizing and the regular cleaning of the footballs.”

To find out more about our Premier League Kicks programme click here.

Kicks keeping families active throughout lockdown

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