Kicks participants tackle homelessness

Pearce has been a regular attendee of our Premier League Kicks programme. He recently got involved with our Social Action programme which aims to encourage young people to tackle societal issues at hand in Nottingham.

The young people started their social action programme with a planning meeting back in December where participants discussed different societal issues across Nottingham. Homelessness soon became the participants focus leading into the next few sessions. The participants then phoned local supermarkets in effort to try and help assemble essential cleaning items for homeless people.

Participants delivered a fantastic pitch and managed to secure donations of items to help aid the programme. Soon attention shifted to the planning of their event, the participants decided that they would like to host a charity football match; taking donations from spectators and players. Pearce was a key part of this process and the participants did a great job in raising donations for local charity Framework.

What is your favourite thing about Kicks?

Being around friends from school whilst having fun playing football for free.

Can you tell us about your social action work?

I felt that it was a good thing to help the homeless in the community. Being able to help them through the social action work is great.

What have you got out of attending Kicks?

I have been able to meet new people and feel safe as it is an over all friendly place to be on a Thursday night.

Why do you keep attending our Kicks sessions?

It’s something to do other than sitting at home playing Xbox all day. It keeps me fit and I enjoy it, the two things I look forward to in the week are watching Forest and Kicks.

Why would you recommend it to others?

If you don’t have the opportunity to play football anywhere you can come to Kicks and play for free. It’s really fun.

Is Kicks socially beneficial? 

Yes, I have made lot’s of friends and if I wasn’t here I would be sat at home being anti-social playing Xbox. 

What do you like about the coaches?

Dante and Alex help and always make sure to keep us safe during the sessions. They make sure that everyone is welcome when they come.

How has Kicks impacted you?

It has helped me to improve my confidence because I feel like I can be who I am here and it has also helped me improve as a football player.

To find out more about our Premier League Kicks programme click here.

Kicks participants tackle homelessness

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