Nottingham Forest Community Trust invited pupils to showcase their writing skills and create a poem with no specific theme or topic. We really wanted to highlight and encourage the freedom of writing and see how the pupils decided to express themselves through literature.

12 students were put forward from 6 schools that Nottingham Forest Community Trust are currently working with as part of their Primary Stars initiative. Every poem was both innovative and unique with some fantastic, diverse topics chosen, ranging from animals to homelessness. Each of the 12 pupils were then individually filmed reading their poems and the videos were released on social media for the public to vote for their favourite!

After lots of voting, a winner was finally revealed. Kiera Skinner of Holly Primary School with her incredible poem, War and Peace!

War is Hell
Not a good place to be
War is a fight no one wants to see
War is full of people dying
War is full of people crying
Peace is not sad
It’s supposed to be nice
War is just full of sacrifice
No longer were people sat on park benches
Far away cowering in muddy trenches
The soldiers fight and dearly pray 
To hope they can live another day
They shoot defend do whatever they can
Save the country once again
UK, America, Germany and Japan
The second war has began
And off they march to do their country proud
As they shout and scream a lot out loud
Come on lads don’t be scared
I thought you knew we were all prepared
They got and thought as best they could
I thought you knew we were all prepared
They got up and fought as best they could
Do their job and their country good
So let us remember in years to come
That war and peace has not ended for some”

For winning the competition, Keira won a brand new Amazon Kindle and 10 free match tickets for the Nottingham Forest vs Norwich City game where she stepped out onto the pitch to read out the team sheet to thousands of fans! Not to mention lots of literacy based prizes for her school!

Nottingham Forest Community Trust loves to give these types of opportunities to the schools and pupils that we work with. If you would like to hear more about the work and support Nottingham Forest Community Trust provides to schools across the county and if you would like to get involved, please go to