Local parents praise Free Fun & Food programme

Now we’ve come to the end to our Free Fun & Food programme, we took some time out to reflect and speak to some of the parents whose kids have attended some of the sessions.

Whilst on a visit to South Wilford Primary School, one of the 13 schools taking part in the programme, we spoke to a handful of local parents at the end of a very busy morning session. We asked them what was the value their children gained from attending the sessions.

Jenny describes, “My daughter finds meeting new people difficult, so this has given her the opportunity to meet new friends as well as enjoy different kinds of activities and learn new skills. For my son, he loves being around people, so he’ll be developing social skills as well his football skills and seeing friends.”

In addition, we spoke to Stephen and his daughter Danielle who explained, “She’s been able to meet up friends from school in the summer, which she hasn’t always been able to do this year with everything that has been going on and it keeps her active as well which is important.” Danielle continues, “My favourite activity has been the street dance!”

Throughout the summer holidays, we have engaged with just under 10,000 children at various schools across the city delivering healthy meals and a range of compelling and engaging activities.

At South Wilford, children had the opportunity to take part in activities such as football, basketball, dance and a wide range of other encompassing activities with the support of organisations such as Notts County Foundation, Freedom Foundation and The Nottingham Hoods Basketball Club.

Finally, before leaving to take her son home, Leshay summed up, “The sessions let the children meet new friends and network with others from different areas. A chance to be around other adults means learning and having discipline!”

As we’ve wrapped up an impressive summer of delivery, we are now in the planning stages of launching yet another Free Fun & Food programme for the upcoming Christmas holidays, so keep your eyes peeled for further information on dates and venues.

Local parents praise Free Fun & Food programme

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