In February, Sherwood Junior School in Warsop heard of the sudden tragic death of war hero Sir Captain Tom Moore and decided to commemorate the life of him. They were so inspired by his achievements that they wanted to showcase their gratitude and set themselves a target of Walking 100 laps of their playground.

Each day, every bubble would have their allotted time to head out on to the playground and walk around their playground to show support for Captain Tom. The aim was to have 100 laps completed all together as a school, but they absolutely smashed their target and ended up completing over 3500 laps. The challenge was set to all pupils of the school and the children who were at home and being home schooled even took part too.

Teacher Sarah Bradbury said, “After the tragic passing of Cpt Sir Tom Moore, it felt only right to honour his memory. I chose to challenge the school to walk in his footsteps and complete 100 laps wherever that may be: the playground, the lounge, the garden, anywhere.

Having Arron (Premier League Primary Stars coach) on board was a huge help and he encouraged the children so much. The whole school jumped on board with the challenge with both feet, resulting in a massive lap total of 3623 laps! I couldn’t be prouder of what we achieved together, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the support of Arron throughout.

I hope Cpt Sir Tom Moore is proud of us too”

Year 4 Pupil – “The activity was really fun, and I enjoyed doing something that would make captain Tom happy, just like he made lots and lots of other people happy.”

Primary Stars Coach, Arron Cuttriss said “It was fantastic to see so many pupils taking part in the challenge, both at school and at home. The passing of Sir Tom was a very sad story for all and I’m certain that had he been able to see the children taking part in the challenge he would have been extremely proud of every single one of them. Excellent work from everyone involved”