Across Nottinghamshire we deliver our flagship Premier League Primary Stars in a number of different schools, aiming to┬áinspire boys and girls to learn, be active and develop important life skills. One of these schools is Leas Park Junior School in Mansfield, where our coach James, has been supporting and delivering sessions throughout the last year. James has developed a really good relationship with all of his pupils at the school and headteacher Toni Hall explained that, “Having James has given the pupils another role model at school, other than a teacher and everybody is keen to get involved with everything he does. The staff and pupils have embraced Premier League Primary Stars and we are glad it’s making a difference.”

James was very excited and proud when one of his year 6 students, Maya, came to him and said that she had seen something called the Daily Mile on TV and thought it would be a really good idea for there school to get involved in it.

The Daily Mile is a initiative put in place in over 3,000 schools in England alone. It is a social physical activity, that involves children running or jogging at their own pace – in the fresh air with their friends. The aim is for children to run or jog for 15 minutes however, they are able occasionally walk to catch their breath if needed.

The Daily Mile UK states the following benefits for children who participate;

  • Children run outside in the fresh air – and the weather is a benefit not a barrier
  • It’s social, non-competitive and fun
  • It helps improve fitness and achieve a healthy weight
  • It’s fully inclusive; every child, whatever their circumstances, age or ability, succeeds at The Daily Mile.

Maya saw The Daily Mile and thought ‘it looked really fun and could be good and healthy for everyone at school to take part in’, so she took it upon herself to start a club with her teachers and James’ help. They didn’t expect that many people to take part at first but they have been getting around 70 pupils every week! She said that the Daily Mile really helps her to concentrate in her afternoon classes, because the exercise at lunch time helps her to get all of her energy out.

Our Primary Stars Head Coach James Mitchell, who has been helping Maya to make The Daily Mile a success said “the response to the club has been fantastic, it’s so refreshing to see the amount of pupils who want to engage in physical exercise, credit has to go to Leas Park for supporting and backing pupils ideas resulting in a club everyone is proud to be a part of.

The teachers, pupils and parents at Leas Park have all been so positive about what Maya is doing for the school and we hope it inspires more pupils to come up with and do more activities like this in the future.

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