Our Premier League Primary Stars programme is designed to inspire children both inside and outside of the classroom. The teaching materials covered range from PE to numeracy and literacy. Working within schools weekly, our sessions are designed to help pupils to progress in areas they may need help with. Our reading interventions are designed to help students gain confidence and develop their reading skills in a comfortable environment.

Tom Norton, Senior Premier League Primary Stars Head Coach has been delivering in Crabtree Primary School since September, in this time he has helped numerous pupils to come on leaps and bounds with their numeracy and literacy skills. One pupil in particular who we have seen a positive impact with is Renee, who to begin with really struggled and didn’t enjoy her reading.

Tom said, “I have been doing a reading intervention with Renee since I started at the school in September, it has been amazing to see her confidence and enjoyment in reading improve month on month. You can see how proud of herself she is and how determined Renee is to keep on improving and developing her reading skills.”

The school has been overwhelmed with Renee’s improvements commenting that her confidence in reading has increased massively and that she is now enjoying reading books that interest her. Her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed as she has now moved up 4 colour bands and is showing immense progression through the school’s ‘RED TED’ home reading scheme. Renee’s increase in confidence is evident through her willingness to reading out loud in class.

Well done Renee, keep up the good work!

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