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No Room For Racism workshop delivered in local schools

There is No Room For Racism.

Nottingham Forest and the Premier League will not tolerate racist behaviour of any kind, anywhere.

Together we can all do more. Challenge it, report it, change it.


Lead coaches from Nottingham Forest Community Trust have been delivering the Premier League’s No Room For Racism workshops in schools across the county this week.

No Room For Racism is a Premier League campaign which tackles and challenges racism in football and communities. An annual feature in the Primary Stars’ programme, the campaign encourages pupils to talk, learn and educate each other on the topic of racism and culture.

Through No Room For Racism, the Premier League and its clubs, including NFFC, work with fans, the FA, EFL, PFA, Kick It Out and the police to tackle racism on and off the pitch, promoting equality, diversity and inclusion across all areas of football.

The NFCT media team visited two partner schools – Claremont Primary and Porchester Junior School to speak to the pupils, coaches and teachers about the importance of the workshops.

During the sessions, pupils were taught about what racism is and what it means to be from a different background. They learnt about Belgian football player Divock Origi who was born in Belgium to Kenyan parents. Pupils then looked at key words which relate to racism and discrimination such as equality, diversity, teamwork and pride and were tasked with producing a poster to illustrate the ‘No Room For Racism’ message and encourage others to challenge discrimination.

Throughout the sessions, pupils learnt about personal identity; what contributes to who we are and they were able to identify personal strengths, skills, achievements and interests and how these contribute to a sense of self-worth.

Megan Haynes, PLPS Lead Coach said, “It is so important No Room For Racism is an integral part of the Premier League’s fixtures – on and off the pitch. Most of the children here today have seen the campaign on the TV from the last round of matches and now they are involved with the campaign in their classroom today which brings it to life even more.”

Megan went on to say, “Learning and education surrounding this topic is key and Nottingham Forest Community Trust is proud to deliver this to schools across the County.”

Matt Williams, Year 4 Teacher & PE Coordinator at Claremont Primary School said, “The No Room for Racism workshop is a fast-paced, inclusive and engaging session for all children. I was so pleased to see how many of our pupils actively listened, answered questions, and designed some impressive posters which we are excited to display in school.

Matt added, “Having Nottingham Forest here to deliver these sessions gives the pupils a dynamic and comprehensive approach to learning, especially with workshops like this and we are now looking forward to learning more about the Rainbow Laces campaign later this month.”

Challenge it, report it, change it.

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