Noah is a 7 year old boy from London who is mad about football! So after moving to Nottingham his parents were eager to get him involved in some local training were he could play and make some friends. After finding out about our Nottingham Forest Official Soccer Schools they booked Noah on straight away and he absolutely loved it. He spoke to everyone he was put in a group with and was a hit with all the coaches due to his excellent behaviour.

During his time on our Soccer Schools he was invited to attend our Advanced Coaching Centre which is a technical coaching programme held every week. Noah said he really enjoyed these sessions because he made lot’s of new friends working as a team, developed new skills and improved his technique. He said a lot of this was down to the coaches explaining that they were all so helpful, especially Willis, who was his favourite, giving him a lot of one on one attention. Attending ACC training allowed Noah to improve as a player, which meant the coaches could give him the opportunity of a trial at The Nottingham Forest Academy. Noah was successful in his trial and he made the team! He is really enjoying his time there so far. Noah’s mum said that Pat who is one of our coaches, was so helpful with everything and she is really grateful for all of the support our coaches have given him.

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