On Tuesday, the Drinkaware Cup 2019 was hosted by Derby County Community Trust. We had a team in attendance, going into the competition as the reigning winners. After a fantastic day filled will new friends and some friendly competition, it was Nottingham Forest who bought home the trophy for the second year in a row!

We caught up with Elvis Ricci, who runs our weekly walking football sessions at The Forest Sports Zone every Wednesday to ask him about the day.

Hi Elvis, Can you tell us a little bit about the day?

“It was the Drinkaware Cup held in Derby. It involved different Community Trust teams such as Derby County, Nottingham Forest, Northampton Town, Queen’s Park Rangers and more. It was a five-a-side walking football competition, overall it was a great day for over 50’s. The maximum age on the day was 73 and there was some great competition.”

What was your favourite thing about the day?

“My favourite thing was the comradery across the whole day and the fact that league clubs are involved, to have older guys representing their team is very special for everyone really, whether you win, lose or draw.”

Why do you think Walking Football is so important for over 50’s?

“I think it’s the meeting people and the comradery, the old school getting together, making a team, and having a laugh. It’s the banter, you can’t beat the banter, I think it really helps to bring that back to the over 50’s. Mental health is a big issue these days and I think it really does help, I know personally it has helped me a little. It’s good stuff and a good laugh for everyone.”

Well done to all of the teams involved and thank you to Derby County Community Trust for having us on the day. If you would like to find out more about our Walking Football programme click here.