Our support has given Miss Cooper new confidence

Since the return of the school year in 2020, Miss Cooper has been working with Crabtree Farm Primary’s PLPS Coach to further develop her PE delivering skills.

Miss Cooper would be the first to tell you she did not enjoy PE as a child at school and because of those experiences, finds it very hard to deliver PE now. Miss Cooper is currently doing her teacher qualification and jumped at the chance to work alongside our Premier League Primary Stars coach for extra support.

Our Premier League Primary Stars programme is designed to inspire children both inside and outside of the classroom. We work with schools to support pupils both academically and practically across a range of subjects as well as provide sessions and workshops that help children with life learning. Throughout each term we bring flexible activity ideas, worksheets, lesson plans, assemblies and exclusive videos that helps to engage and motivate the children.

Miss Cooper teaches in the year 6 bubble at Crabtree Farm Primary and has been supported by one of our coach’s in delivering football, outdoor and adventurous activities. Using the medium- and short-term Premier League Primary Stars planning sheets they have been able to develop sessions to help improve her confidence and understanding of how to deliver PE lessons. This helps ensure they are fun and enjoyable to deliver, and it helps integrate all children into the sessions, regardless of their initial opinions about the subject.

Year 6 Teacher – Miss Cooper

‘’I have really enjoyed working alongside Tom in the afternoons. I lacked the confidence in teaching PE, as it has never been my strong subject. However, being given the support from the PLPS Coach on; Planning tips, warm-up ideas, main activities and how to deliver my lessons with ideas on how to help pupils progress further within a lesson, it has been a great help. I have really enjoyed the PE support.”

Senior Head Coach – Tom Norton

‘’Miss Cooper showed great enthusiasm to learn and deliver alongside me during the 2 terms we have worked together. Miss Cooper already had a great relationship and behaviour management techniques with the children, it was just giving her the confidence to deliver the PE Curriculum. Miss Cooper has shown great improvement week by week, now being able to deliver warm-ups, teach small groups, main activities and lead on the session.

Upper School Leader – Lynne Bloomfield

‘’This is a great opportunity for teachers at Crabtree Farm Primary school and for them to develop and get support with their PE delivery. With Miss Cooper becoming a teacher once she has completed her training, this support was really impactful for her knowledge and confidence for the PE subject.’’

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Our support has given Miss Cooper new confidence

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