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PL Kicks has positive impact on Ryan

Nottingham Forest Community Trust works closely with the Premier League to use the power of football and the value of sports participation to help youngsters in some of the most high-need areas. Since 2006, Premier League Kicks has supported hundreds of thousands of young people to achieve their potential and improve their wellbeing through free weekly football sessions and educational workshops.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust runs sessions 4 nights a week throughout areas within Nottinghamshire and is open to participants aged 8-16 years old.

PL Kicks

One of our participants, Ryan, has been regularly attending PL Kicks over the past year and we have seen a huge improvement in Ryan’s behaviour during our sessions as well as a vast improvement in his attitude towards other participants. He is now able to stay calm during games and has started to help other participants if he sees they are struggling with something during the session.

 We asked Ryan a few questions about his time at PL Kicks…


Why do you come to PL Kicks?

I come to PL Kicks as it brings everyone together for an inclusive football session as there is no prejudice with age, race, or capability. The Nottingham Forest coaches ensure everyone has a good time playing sports and I get to meet new people. I enjoy participating within the games and feel that I am part of a club.


Do you think PL Kicks has positively impacted you, if so how and why? 

I have never really been a team player but since coming to PL Kicks it has helped calm me down and have a friendly game with no stress or aggression. I believe PL Kicks has had a positive impact on my aggressive side of sportsmanship. I also feel that PL Kicks has had a positive impact on me within school to help me stay calmer in the classroom as well as when playing sport.


What is the best thing about PL Kicks?

I think the best part about coming is that I get along with everyone and feel comfortable meeting new people that join. I enjoy playing sports and going out to play matches with different people that I wouldn’t normally meet outside of PL Kicks.


What would you say to others about your experiences on the programme?

I would totally recommend coming along to kicks, the staff are good and always on hand to offer help and support. The programme has helped me, and my friends gain confidence on and off the pitch when meeting new people and gives people something to look forward to during the week. It gives me a time within the week to let loose, forget about things and just play some football.


What influences have the coaches made on you?

The coaches are great and have helped me become calmer, less aggressive, and they have also been there for me to talk about things that have happened at school that week. They help me to think calmly about situations and realise that I don’t have to be angry about it. I know they are there for me if I need them and they’re easy to talk to and are very understanding.


How could this programme help you in further development?

I’m currently in year 10, and I have chosen sport as an option with a view to perhaps get into a similar career after school. It’s really made me feel good about myself, boosted my confidence and it has also given me an insight into many different jobs available within sport that I may be able to get into when I leave school.


Ryan even got the chance to represent Nottingham Forest in a tournament during the summer and we are looking forward to continually working with Ryan within our programme.

To find out more about our PL Kicks programme please email:

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