PL Kicks Participant, Connor raises funds for Children in Need

Back in November, we encouraged our Premier League Kicks participants to set themselves a challenge and raise funds for the BBC’s Children in Need.

Premier League Kicks is a free programme, giving 8-18-year-olds across Nottinghamshire the opportunity to play football and take part in other multi-sport activities. The aim of these sessions is to engage, inspire and educate young children and adults, using the power of football and the value of sports participation to help hard-to-reach youngsters in some of the most high-need areas.

10-year-old Connor who has autism, is a regular PL Kicks participant and jumped at the chance to raise funds for the BBC’s annual campaign as he wanted to help support unwell children and children living in poverty.

Connor’s mum described to the Trust about the significance of this challenge as Connor can be very shy due to his autism and can be quite anxious at times. Prior to starting his challenge, Connor was very excited about the prospect of raising money for Children in Need and spent some time deciding what he wanted to do. In the end, Connor decided the challenge he wanted to do was ride 20 miles on his bike over 5 days.

Nottingham Forest Community Trust spoke to Connor to hear more about his challenge.


What made you want to do the challenge from Nottingham Forest Community Trust for the PL Kicks programme to fundraise for BBC Children in Need?

I wanted to do a challenge as it is a great cause and I wanted to help poorly children and children that need extra support.

What challenge did you set yourself and was there a target on how much you wanted to raise? 

The challenge I set myself in the end was to do a 20 mile bike ride and raise maybe £300. I ended up doing 27 miles and think I raised over £500.

As you had to set this all up by yourself, what was the hardest part? 

Mum and Dad helped me set everything up and it all went really well. The hardest part to start with was deciding what I was going to do.  As I love being out on my bike, I just thought that was the best thing. I can’t run as I have poorly joints so a bike ride it was.

 From the pictures and videos, you sent across, we could see your family was involved with you. How bigger help was this to have them by your side when doing the challenge? 

It was really important to me to have my family to support me as I have had a very hard time over the past 2 years with my autism and anxiety. My mum and dad are always there to help and support me no matter what. They give me confidence and make me feel I can do anything I want to do. Also, my Dad is my best friend so having him by my side on the rides was amazing.

 What advice would you have for any other young person looking to do fundraising?

My advice for anyone would be just go for it, never give up. It’s a good feeling knowing you are helping and doing something good for other children.

 In a sentence can you sum up how taking part in this fundraising challenge has made you feel?

It has made me feel so very happy and really excited for the next fundraiser.


Nottingham Forest Community Trust hosts weekly Premier League Kicks sessions and are always welcoming new participants. If you or your child would like to get involved, please email




PL Kicks Participant, Connor raises funds for Children in Need

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