Planet Super League – The McCartney Family Story

During the spring, families from Nottingham Forest Community Trust signed up to take part in Planet Super League. The families had to work together to score points by completing tasks at home to help reduce their carbon footprint. In turn this would score them points for Nottingham Forest and beat other CCO’s on a weekly fixture basis’s and climb up the league table. Nottingham Forest finished second in their group, and a large part of their points total was down to the McCartney family’s hard work.


We caught up with the family to find out more about their experience of Planet Super League. 


How did you find out about Planet Super League and what made you join?

We received an email from Nottingham Forest Community Trust and decided to join in because it looked like a great family activity that we could all get involved in whilst helping the environment.   


What did you enjoy most about Planet Super League?  

The things we enjoyed the most about Planet Super League were that it bought the family together whilst having a positive impact on the planet. We were spending more time together doing worthwhile activities that we weren’t doing before. It also made us realise the positive impact we were having by making some small changes to our lives. 


Which of the activities did you enjoy most as a family?  

The activities that we enjoyed the most where leg power 2km, 5km, 10km and ‘screens off’. These activities got us out of the house and ensured we spent more time together out in the fresh air. We also completed clean sheet, over the line and full house. These were simple activities to complete and make a big difference. 


What changes have you now made as family, to ensure you have a greener footprint?

The changes we have made so far are that we are walking where we can instead of taking the car. We have lowered the washing machine temperature down on most washing cycles and have also stopped using the tumble dryer altogether! We have also started to spend more time together playing family games when the weather is bad, like cards and board games to minimise our screen time. 


Why should more families sign up to Planet Super League?

Planet Super League is fun, easy to do and gets all the family involved whilst most importantly helping to save the planet.


As a prize for being our top scoring family they received a signed football from the team.

If you want to get involved, please sign up via here, click Nottingham Forest and Nottingham Forest PL Kicks.

Planet Super League – The McCartney Family Story

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