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PLPS: A Game-Changer for Wainwright Primary Academy

Now in its sixth year, Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS), a Premier League-funded programme, is designed to use the power of football to engage pupils in primary schools across the country.

Wainwright - PLPS

In the world of education, it’s always exciting to discover innovative programmes that not only enrich students’ lives but also contribute significantly to a school’s overall performance. Our Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS) initiative, has proven to be a game-changer for Wainwright Primary Academy, showcasing the transformative power of sports-based education.

Wainwright Primary Academy recently celebrated a remarkable improvement in its OFSTED report, earning a coveted ‘Good’ status with an impressive four out of five areas marked as ‘Outstanding.’ The PLPS programme, has seamlessly integrated into the school’s curriculum, leaving a lasting impact on both students and staff.

Megan Chapman, a Year 1 teacher and PE Co-ordinator at Wainwright shared their enthusiasm for PLPS, emphasising its significant role in the school’s journey to success by saying, “PLPS has become a huge asset to the school, influencing not just the students but the entire school community. The programme’s focus on PE and Sport has played a crucial role in building confidence and a genuine love for sports among both staff and students.”

One of the standout features of PLPS at Wainwright Primary Academy is its emphasis on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for teachers. The programme has worked closely with teachers, providing tailored training sessions and resources to enhance the quality of teaching. This investment in CPD proved to be a key factor during the OFSTED inspection, with the school earning praise for the impressive standards of teaching, including team-teaching initiatives that help collaboration among teachers.

Megan also went on to highlight the professionalism, supportiveness, and strong communication skills exhibited by the PLPS staff, demonstrating the programme’s commitment to nurturing a positive and collaborative learning environment. The success of Wainwright Primary Academy in achieving ‘Good’ status with ‘Outstanding’ ratings in four areas is a testament to the holistic impact of the Premier League Primary Stars programme, showcasing its ability to create positive change in schools and communities alike.


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