Premier League Charitable Fund 10 Year Awards | Our Winners

As the Premier League Charitable Fund (PLCF) marks its 10-year anniversary, we are delighted to announce our ‘PLCF 10 Year Award’ winners. Our winners are individuals who have made significant positive impact in our community and who have helped to inspire young people to achieve their potential through Premier League funded programmes.

Established in 2010, The Premier League Charitable Fund has helped football clubs to work within their communities to put young people on a more positive pathway by providing them with greater support and promoting both mental and physical wellbeing.

Tom Norton | Premier League Primary Stars Facilitator Winner

Nottingham Forest Community Trust and Tom Norton have been working together since Tom was in his previous position of sports co-ordinator and teaching assistant in our partner school, Bluebell Hill Primary School, 5 years ago. When we first started mentoring Tom as part of the PL Primary Stars programme, he stated that he needed additional support from us. Through high quality, weekly mentoring, Tom was able to improve his confidence and his understanding of what high quality PE looks like to support his planning. Whilst working with Tom, Bluebell went from Bronze school games mark to Gold within 4 years. Bluebell deliver extensive community work within the St Anns area and so the mentoring meant that more people within the St Anns community were able to access high quality PE. Tom now works as Senior PLPS Head Coach at NFCT impacting PE across schools in Nottingham.

Divine Emmanuel | Premier League Primary Stars Participant Winner

Divine is one of those boys who loves football, you can see his love for the game when he talks about his matches from the weekend. But unfortunately, when speaking about reading and writing, the same love does not come across. This has been noticed by the school with how much reading Divine does at home. The school and his class teacher wanted to improve Divine’s enthusiasm for reading and writing. Divine is now working alongside our PLPS coach for 45 minutes on the morning the coach is in school, working through our bespoke PLPS Reading Stars Booklet. Divine and the PLPS coach set goals for Divine to try and achieve, one of which is for Divine to do more reading at home. Divine has hit the ground running with this target and has increased his reading at home to 5-6 reads a week. Divine has embodied the PLPS values of being ambitious with his goal and target setting, and he has inspired the rest of his class to read more and enjoy it at home.

Ben Rosser | Premier League Kicks Facilitator Winner

After seeing the impact that Ben Rosser was having on the community with very limited support, kit and equipment, we were eager to have him as part of our team. Shortly after, Ben became a volunteer at PL Kicks sessions to shadow and support our coaches. We supported Ben with the framework that we use as part of their Kicks planning. Following a period of support, Ben is now delivering advanced sessions and is having a great impact in further communities across Nottingham. Ben is, and has been, pivotal to the success and the impact of the PL Kicks sessions at the Forest Sports Zone due to his incredible work within the community and the support he offers young people that attend his sessions.

Hermon Kubrom |Premier League Kicks Participant Winner

We first met Hermon in 2008 at a newly formed PL Kicks session in Basford. Hermon was the first attendee at this session and after attending, he was keen to engage his friends and other young people within his community. Hermon was an important link between the coaches and participants and helped to promote the sessions and broker relationships with other participants. We observed that Hermon would make a brilliant a volunteer and would be a key asset to the coaches delivering at sessions. Shortly after being made a volunteer, Hermon attended and helped out at the PL Kicks Cup which he thoroughly enjoyed. When we offered young people the chance to take part in the first PL Kicks Social Action programme, Hermon jumped at the chance. He led his group and was key in all fundraising campaigns and in building relationships with supermarkets in supporting homeless in Nottingham at Christmas.

Declan Barker | Transformational Journey Participant Winner

Declan Barker first took part in Premier League Kickz in 2008 when he was 15 years old.He attended our Clifton Estate sessions 3 times each week. At age 16, he was offered an Apprenticeship with Nottingham Forest Community Trust.  ‘Dec’ then gained the qualifications and practical experience required to be offered a full-time community coaching role. Over the past 9 years, ‘Dec’ has become integral to the growth of our CCO. He has progressed in his role from coaching to becoming our Premier League Programmes Manager. In 2020 ‘Dec’ progressed further to take on the role of Programmes Manager across all of our CCO programmes and now plays a key role in our Leadership Team.

‘Dec’s positive attitude, experience and enthusiasm for his work sees him working at a strategic level, building relationships with Local Authorities, Police, Health Agencies and Education Providers.

In the space of 12 years, Declan Barker has developed from a 15 year old kicking a football about at KickZ to now playing a vital role across our County by inspiring young people to take a more positive pathway and reach their true potential.

Matthew Walker | Transformational Journey Facilitator Winner

Matthew Walker first attended the PL Kicks session at Clifton in 2012 as a newly appointed PSCO within the area of Clifton. When Matt first attended the sessions, he discussed at length his desire to build a more positive perception of how children saw police, whilst developing his local knowledge further. Matt was key for us as his support in positively engaging young people in Kicks sessions was remarkable. Due to his length of service at the sessions, Matt was seen as an integral part of the sessions by the young people who would always ask where Matt was if he was ever unable to attend. Matt’s ability to engage all young people within the community has been essential for the development of our CCO and the positive effect that he is having is shown by how highly he is held in within the community.

Premier League Charitable Fund 10 Year Awards | Our Winners

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