Nottingham Forest Community Trust works with 19 partner Primary Schools as part of its Premier League Primary Stars delivering a range of education and sport-based activities as part of the Premier League Primary Stars offering.

Coaches offer classroom support in key subjects such as English and Maths, and lead on PE delivery, with sports ranging from football and cricket to athletics and dance.

Sherwood Junior School, based in Warsop, Nottinghamshire, has been working with one of our coaches, Kamen Jackson, who has been supporting the children’s English and Maths lessons including one-to-ones with individual children who require additional support.

Archie, like many primary school children in year 6, is a huge football lover, but finding inspiration in other areas of his school life can be challenging. Prior to Nottingham Forest coming into the school to deliver PLPS, Archie would struggle with Maths and English.

Archie explained, “Since I’ve started working with Kamen and doing one-to-one’s ,I’ve learnt how to control my anger as I used to disrupt the class if I didn’t get my own way. Now I understand how to deal with my anger and  I don’t disrupt the class as much anymore.

Archie continued, “Now when I’m feeling angry, most of the time I just go to my safe space, calm down and use my strategies of counting 1-10 five times and I’ve found it’s helped a lot.”

“Kamen has been speaking to my teacher about how my week has been and if I’ve done something wrong, then he sees if I’m ok and why it happened and then we go and do something we enjoy doing together and then I go back to class to do my work.”

Kamen’s diligent attention to detail and support he has provided is a prime example of how Nottingham Forest Community Trust coaches can not  only impact individual pupils but also schools across the county.

The relationship Kamen has developed with Archie will likely leave a lasting impression as he is due to transition up to secondary school later this year.

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