Premier Leaue Kicks participants deliver social action

Our Premier League Kicks programme is designed for 8-18 year olds from all over Nottingham. The programme provides opportunities for young people by engaging them in sports, music and educational activities that can encourage personal development and socialisation with new people. The flagship programme run by the Premier League has been active for 13 years and has had an influence on reduction in anti-social behaviour reports.

The young people started their social action programme with a planning meeting on 4th December in which participants discussed issues across Nottingham. Homelessness soon became the participants focus leading into the next sessions. The participants then phoned local supermarkets in effort to try and help assemble essential cleaning items for homeless people. Participants did a fantastic pitch to and managed to secure donations of items to help aid the programme. Soon attention shifted to the planning of their event, the participants decided that they would like to host a charity football match; taking donations from spectators and players.

We attended our social action event yesterday, held at The Forest Sports Zone, our community sports facility in the heart of Nottingham. We spoke with Wade and Jeremiah, two of the participants who have been involved with our social action project for a few months now.

What’s it been like being a part of the Kicks social action programme?

Herman: “I think it’s been fantastic! It has helped me a lot with my confidence, especially helping me to talk to people on the phone. I have dedicated a lot of time to helping the charity with work and it has been very motivational.”

Jeremiah: “It’s been really good, you get to go out and meet new people. Normally I would be staying at home but this is a way to get out and have fun. It really builds your confidence when talking to different people and socialising.”

Is it something that you think you would like to carry on doing?

Herman: “Yes, it’s helped me recognise that there are more opportunities to help others and the people who need it the most, it’s very good.”

Jeremiah: “Definitely, I think it’s a really good thing to do, helping people in need because not everybody gets the same opportunities. It’s good to be aware of the volunteering opportunities available.”

To find out more about our Premier League Kicks programme click here.

Premier Leaue Kicks participants deliver social action

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